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Things to consider when inheriting property

Florida estate planning is important so that property and other proceeds go to the intended beneficiaries with the least amount of trouble. For those who inherit property, certain considerations may be kept in mind.

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A power to appoint an inheritance

A common concern of many Florida residents is the manner in which their estate will be distributed after their death. Leaving an inheritance by will to children or other family members might not be a guarantee that the money or property goes where the testator intended for it to go.

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What is the most that can be given with no estate tax?

Transferring money from one estate to the next can actually cause a fair portion of the estate to be lost, but only if it is big enough. The federal taxes do not kick in until you hit a certain level, which changes slightly every year.

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Tips for giving children a significant inheritance

It’s often stated that many children who get serious inheritance money–in the millions–end up wasting it, so vast fortunes often don’t get down to the third or fourth generation. If you’re worried about that happening to your money, there are a few tips that may help.

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