Probate…What you need to know

Has a loved one passed away recently and you feel lost about what to do next?  Have you tried to contact the bank to get your loved one’s affairs in order but no one will talk to you?  Have you tried selling their real estate and title companies ask questions you can’t answer?  Probate does not need to be scary or stressful; that’s where we can help!

Probate is a word that often scares people but all it means is the process you must go through in order to transfer assets from a person who has passed away to their beneficiaries (if they have a valid will) or heirs (if they do not have a will).

Our firm focuses much of our time and resources on assisting clients with the probate process.  Whether you have been named in a person’s will to be the executor/personal representative or not, we can answer all your questions and assist you through a process that would be next to impossible on your own.

What most people do not know is probate is one of the few areas of law where an attorney is required.  It is in your best interest to hire an attorney rather than attempt the complicated process on your own.  Our firm works with you to transfer assets, we can help close on the sale of your loved one’s home, and we can even go through the steps to make sure your loved one’s home is protected and won’t be forced to be sold to pay creditors.

If your loved one has passed away in Florida and you want knowledgeable and courteous attorneys to help ease your stress, I encourage you to call or email us for a free initial consultation.  Our firm has two offices conveniently located in Clermont and Orlando to serve you.